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A few favorite images from summer 2016 weddings in the Dordogne South West France

So many weddings and so many lovely people! I have had such a lovely summer of weddings and met so many fabulous people. Home weddings - chateau weddings - party weddings - church weddings - I have had a blast.

Stand out moments .......... the bride that was dropped by her husband and ushers, now that was funny! Thank goodness she thought it was too. Thank you Flora for being such a good sport. The same wedding one of the guests decided to strip off and go for a swim!

Then there was the bride who defied all the odds after being in a serious car accident two weeks before her big day. Everybody was so emotional but she did amazing and looked so beautiful.

And the couple who where super chilled and just wanted a massive party with their friends, family and the sweetest little dog. I loved that wedding - everything a wedding should be. Simple, full of fun, laughter and lots of love.

The weddings that had been planned so well with all the family working so hard for over a year to create a beautiful garden area for the wedding at their holiday home. And guess what! It was torrential rain all day and everybody got soaked. But what a wedding! It ended up being such a fun day with everybody getting on with things and nobody cared a jot about the rain. Fabulous.

The gorgeous girls Claire and Libby started off my year with my first same sex wedding in France. Not sure I could have asked for two such beautiful brides at the fab Chateau Soulac.

The stunning Irish wedding at a local church near to Chateau La Durantie. The couple flew an Irish folk band over and when they played 'How great tho art' in church you could have heard a pin drop. I had to remember why I was there! I was totally overwhelmed. Magical moment.

An incredible traditional Chinese wedding at Chateau Cazenac was a first. Such a sweet couple and very jealous of the number of dresses she got to wear.

So many more - I am often asked do I still get emotional at weddings. The answer is a massive YES! Every wedding is unique and watching them thru the lens is just the most incredible gift for me. I am so lucky to have this job and get to be a part of such a special day in a families life. I once read a book about a photographer called 'The memory keeper'. It is such an honor to play that part in your day. Thank you to all my lovely couples for allowing me to be a part of your special day and keep your memories alive for many years to come.

Lydia x

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