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Sophie and Andrew's home wedding in South West France

True story – I actually burst into tears when she was getting ready! The atmosphere of the wedding was so lovely. Sophie’s parents had recently bought this house in rural Dordogne France. They had spent ten months desperately trying to make it perfect for their beautiful daughter's wedding. You can imagine the hard work that went into achieving this if you visited the property. I can’t remember how many wheel barrows of mud were moved and how many trees dug up and rubble hidden but wow they did an amazing job! Sophie’s dad came down with man flu during the day and I’m sure it was the relief that everything had turned out perfectly. A fab couple and gorgeous family. Proof you don’t need a fancy setting or a Grand Chateau – all are nice, but really all you need is love. Sure somebody else said that 😉

pretty home wedding in rural france
home wedding bride and groom with their dog
bride and groom sat in flowers at atheir home french wedding

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