Fancy yourself as a Photographer?  Want to know what all those confusing buttons and numbers mean? Want to learn editing tools to make the most of your images? Or want to improve your skills to take it to the next level?


​Award Winning Photographers Lydia Taylor Jones & Joy Photography are proud to announce their first Photography Course in France.


This promises to be an informative, fun, feel good and magical experience learning everything you need to know to capture those photographic memories. Tasty food, the odd glass of French vino ;) and lots and lots of laughter is included.


It will be a *four-day break in September. Photography training will be blended in with enjoying the local stunning countryside to practice your new-found skills. A full itinerary will be sent to you on booking.


Take a peek at the amazing venue! The beautiful 19th century restored manor house, Le Manoir Perigord Vert, Dordogne, a truly enchanting area of France. Watch this short video to get you in the mood for your French experience.



This is undoubtedly going to be popular and sadly there are limited places. We are taking formative enquires now, so please don't hesitate to contact us to register your interest and find out more about this amazing opportunity and availability.


Contact us by phone Tel. 01204 85 3032 fill in the Contact Form email ltaylorjones@aol.com or pm us through Facebook.


Get in touch - it’s going to be fab!


Lydia and Joy xx

* Full days dependent on arrival and departure times. Flights to Limoges or Bergerac with Ryanair are low prices so get yourself booked in to take advantage.  Dates Sunday 16 - 20 extended stays are available.

Information Leeds/Manchester/Stanstead/Bristol/East Midlands fly to Limoges

Liverpool/Stanstead/Bristol/East Midlands fly to Bergerac

Both airports are approx one hour ten to the venue

Review from previous student Rainy Mills

"I had absolutely no idea how to use my brand new DSLR camera and I only really had intentions to try YouTube tutorials to learn. Thank goodness I saw Lydia’s advert for learning photography! I gained first hand experience on how to use my camera to its full potential and very quickly gained confidence. It was so much fun, informative and Lydia was very encouraging throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend this class to any  photographer."

Dawn Oneil

I always wanted to be able to take beautiful photographs but always used the automatic function. After taking this course i have much

more of an understanding and I loved it! I would recommend it to everyone!

About Joy

Living the dream...Do it now,make it happen!


I am the proud mum of four lovely children, Ben, Faye, Joe & Ted, after having devoted all my time and energy raising them, I  found at the age of forty six, they were moving home and going out to discover their journey in life.


Where did that leave me ?

 I was fortunate enough to meet Lydia, through a dear friend doing some charity work and this is where my exciting life changing journey began !


I went to work for Lydia giving a hand with the sales and marketing. One day I found the camera in my hands through circumstances and realized that I have a good eye for a shot. Within 14 months with lots of hard work and guidance, I had gained my Licencies with The Master Photographers association.

Lydia moved to France and gave me the opportunity to buy the business off her. This was a big deal for me at the time, but it was now or never and too good an opportunity to miss. I have gone from strength to strength, winning numerous awards, running one of the most successful portrait studio's in the north of England.

 I am the proud mentor of The Ultimate Photography Group, the best of the best group of photographers in the north west. And now I find myself in the fortunate position of  buying a house in  France and being able to work part of my year running Photography courses with Lydia.


A really do find myself having to pinch myself, is this really me, my life, how lucky am I!


But it is, it's not down to luck, its about hard work and believing in yourself when you are given opportunities. To change your direction having good people round you to support your roller coaster ride  amd pointing you in the direction you need to go. To you , Lydia I will always be eternally grateful X


So enough about me, this is about YOU!

 Myself & Lydia make a great team, we want to share our knowledge and experiences, to help people out there to grab life with both hands and make it happen for you, My story is shared to hopefully inspire you to jump on that wonderful journey of life, no matter what age or circumstances...What you waiting for :)

Joy x